Just dropped William off for his last day at baby nursery. He has had the best time ever here, just like his brother Sam did. The girls at Ascot Day Nursery are fantastic and it’s the best nursery ever!  Thank you all for looking after my babies and giving them a fantastic start.

Clare Ashcombe,
Children have exceptionally good relationships with their key person. Staff are highly
skilled and sensitive in meeting children’s individual needs. For example, they quickly
recognise when children are feeling a little unwell and offer them extra cuddles and
reassurance. This helps to make children feel emotionally secure. Children’s health and
well-being is significantly enhanced through regular gym sessions, dancing and outdoor
play. The nursery works exceptionally well with other settings that children will attend.
They communicate extremely well to support children’s transitions, and prepare them for
the next stage in their learning, including pre-school.
Ofsted Inspector.,

My daughter (10 months) has been attending the Ascot Day Nursery since the beginning of January. I am thrilled with her progress. All the teachers are attentive, experienced and above all interested in my daughter’s welfare and development. I am kept informed of meals, bottles, nappies (!) and activities. She is stimulated and well cared for. My daughter is becoming a sociable, active and interested toddler who, once a fussy eater is becoming less so thanks to the kindness and patience of her keyworker.

Excellent all round. Would recommend

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